The World has Changed

The world has changed and for all the businesses that survived 2020, we are still yet to see the full scope of the changes imposed on us by Covid-19 but Luckily for all of us within the online gaming industry, those changes shouldn’t be too hard or painful, but rather something to take advantage of and look forward to.


Of course, when we are faced with changes, it would be desirable for us to be open to new solutions, different problem solving and generally alternative approaches. Change and flexibility are advisable in every market, and when you mix the pandemic into the equation, that just speeds up the process.


Not embracing change would set you on a safe path to failure, because today more than ever, it’s becoming clear that the world is accelerating the process of digitalization and are now passed the point of no return.

WHO change their stance

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) had a change of heart in relation to gaming. Although they have condoned gaming in the past, pointing out the dangers of addiction and generally holding a negative stance towards the industry, they are now calling gaming related activities a stress reliever and a preferable activity during the pandemic.


Considering all that’s been mentioned, it is obvious that the climate has changed in this regard, and iGaming is changing with it.


When online gaming started developing as an industry, its advantages were clear from the off; accessibility, opportunities and easy interaction meant the gaming world was literally in the palm of your hand but even with all of that, doubts still existed until Covid-19 served them a lethal blow.


Just think about it, how accessible were your traditional sportsbooks during the pandemic? The answer to that question is pretty clear since you’ve probably experienced it on a personal level.


On the other hand, some of the problems that the online gaming industry had faced in the past have changed subtly with the pandemic. With the sheer rise in the number of users and time passed, but also with the development of different security systems and overall education, the internet has become a much more secure space.

Free to Play Games is the answer

Over the years it became apparent that the main issue the online industry had with users wasn’t with gaining users trust but rather finding a way to retain that trust (and interest).


People are more open to experimenting online today than ever before and they are looking for entertainment and stress relief online, this in itself creates more opportunities for new online businesses. Therefore, it is our job now to keep their attention and offer them some interesting and interacting content.


So how do you do this? Through Free to Play (FTP) games of course. In the current climate and taking into consideration the fluctuation and developments across many industries, it is safe to say that the best solution for keeping your gaming related business afloat (and thriving) is through this acquisition and retention format.


As with any business, there are many variables that can be included in different segments of your operation, and while most of them may be debatable, one is certain, free-to-play customizable games just like the Super6 FTP Games by Imprexis Gaming. They are currently the safest strategy vessel for online gaming, now but also for the future.


Imprexis Gaming has developed Super6 with both companies and end-users in mind. Super6 is easily customizable for any variation of Sport or eSport, with accessible and user-friendly interfaces, highly functional and easily manageable back office and personalized features, including localization, CRM and jackpot insurance.


The basic format is super-intuitive and inviting, but it can also be customized to your needs, ranging from basic score-based prediction games or proposition betting style games.

BtoBet and Imprexis Gaming team up

Together with their partner BtoBet, Imprexis Gaming has launched FTP game offers for the upcoming Euro and Copa America tournaments, with bespoke solutions are also available to maximize revenue and engage players in a simple and unique way.


For more information about Super6 FTP, contact Imprexis Gaming.



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